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Beef Farm Tours in Ireland

Meet some of Ireland's top beef farmers including visiting their farms and hearing them talk about the latest techniques they are implying.

some of the beef cows get to enjoy some iconic views!
one of the Irish beef farmers you may visit on your tour

Informative Beef Farm Tours

Visit some of Ireland's most successful beef farms

Ireland is a world leader in beef & dairy farming, and is one of the world's most successful exporters of agricultural products especially meets and dairy produce.

A combination of the ideal temperate climate with plenty of rainfall, our highly skilled workforce and an innovative downstream market has led Ireland into its position as one of the major agricultural exporters.

The majority of beef producers here combine it with a dairy operation, though there are also specialists who just work in the beef sector and some farms will work only on the beef side of a combined industry, buying in calves from dairy farms for fattening and sale.

Here at Agri Tours we have contacts with the best beef farming businesses all across Ireland, and can arrange informative visits to a variety of farm types where you can discuss the latest techniques with leading farm business managers.

Touring Irish beef farms can be part of a multidiscipline Agri tour, or we can arrange a fully specialised tour concentrating just on the beef & dairy industry.

What Agri Tours Can Provide

  • Market leaders in Agricultural Tours of Ireland
  • Multi-Disciple Farm Tours
  • Specialist Farm Tours
  • Business and Industry Groups
  • Educational and Study Tours
  • Student and University Groups
  • Informative & Exploratory Tours for business leaders
  • Tours for Professional and Governmental bodies
  • Accommodation customised to suit your budget
  • Combined Agri and Sightseeing tours

About Beef Farming in Ireland

World Leading Beef Industry

The Irish Beef Industry mostly runs in conjunction with the national dairy herd of 1.14 million cows. You can see first-hand Ireland's renowned reputation for sustainable grass-based production systems that enable Ireland's farmers to produce high quality & marketable beef products.

During your agri tour we could arrange for you to see the three types of cattle systems in farms across Ireland right now:

  • specialist Beef Production
  • specialist Dairy Farming
  • Combined Dairy Farming & Beef Production (Most Widely Practiced)

As part of the Agri Tours beef farm tour of Ireland, you could learn how the Irish farmer carefully chooses the breed of cow with beef production in mind. Pure dairy farming is an rare practice in Ireland at the moment. Considering all dairy animals must calve annually to produce milk, this would lead to a surplus of dairy animals. Most of the calves are fattened and sold on as beef. The Irish farmer selects cow and bull combinations for a balanced performance of dairy production and beef production.

Also another aspect you will see on your beef farm tour of Ireland is that once a cow has finished her potential for dairy farming, the cow is slaughtered for beef, again affecting the choice of breed a farmer selects. In Ireland, most beef animals originate from the dairy herd. The main source of beef animals is Munster and then they are relocated nationwide for fattening.

one of our Irish beef farmers
Two Friesan Bulls.

The Importance of the Beef Industry to Ireland

The Irish beef industry is the largest sector of the agricultural economy in Ireland. On your beef tour, experience an industry where 0.5 tonnes are produced per individual beef animal from 4.5 million beef animals nationwide. The main countries to which Ireland exports beef include Germany, UK, Iran and Egypt. It is important to note on your beef tour of Ireland that beef farming has the lowest income per hectare in Irish farms in comparison to other types of farming.

Breed Selection for Beef Production

On your beef farm tour of Ireland gain insight into the different breeds of beef animal in Ireland. The most common beef animals in Ireland are friesan or friesan cross. They usually derive from high quality friesan bull. Low yielding dairy cows are typically crossed with pure beef breeds like Charolais, whose offspring are all used for beef produce. On your beef tour of Ireland learn about animal growth and development and the effect this has on the final beef produce. In terms of growth rates there are two types of growth patterns:

  1. Constant feed on high level of nutrition
  2. Over winter storage animals

In Ireland winter storage is most common. Irish farmers can explain on the beef farm tours how they keep the winter feed costs down leading to increased profitability.

Bulls, heifers, bullocks and steers

Your beef tour may include highlighting the role sex status plays on growth. Bulls, heifers and castrated males (bullocks and steers) are the most widely used in beef production in Ireland as they have the fastest growth rates. Males can be disruptive and violent so nearly all males in the Irish beef industry are castrated so that they are tamer. Bulls and steers have higher growth rates than heifers.

For your interest as part of the beef tour of Ireland, weights these animals grow to by the time of slaughter are:

  1. Bull 700-750kg
  2. Steer 500-550kg
  3. Heifer 400-450kg

Irish Livestock Market Experience

An authentic immersion into a local livestock market; this is an unparalleled experience of Ireland’s intimate relationship with agriculture. Tour a local farm, meet real farmers and hear stories passed down for generations before heading to the livestock market, to see farmers bidding for top cattle or sheep.

Irish Livestock

young calf
Charolais Bull, often crossed with dairy cows.

How our Agri Tours Work

We look after everything Ireland

Agri Tours will take over from the minute you touch down into Ireland. We provide a inclusive private tour including transport, arranging all your farm visits, sightseeing attractions, accommodation, and we can provide as many meals as you would like included.

Every tour we provide is private just for your group, and tailored just to your needs.

If your group's agricultural connection is educational, business, or entirely personal, we can craft the ideal Irish farm tour itinerary to match.

Interests Selected By You

Let us know your group's interests and we will design visits to match, from a highly specialised one-sector tour to a multi discipline tour encompassing the broad range of agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture enterprises in Ireland.

Purely farm visits, or perhaps a mixture along with some of Ireland's greatest cultural and sightseeing attractions. Maybe your group would like to get involved in the famous Irish culture and add experiences outside the farming industry as well.

Everything we produce is fully customised to your needs, so please don't hesitate to let us know your exacting requirements, we would be only too happy to produce an itinerary for your needs.

Designed to your Budget

From students looking for budget friendly accommodation, to business leaders looking to enjoy some of Ireland's best accommodation, your whole tour will be customised to match your budget needs.

Vehicle options

We can provide vehicles from private cars for groups of 2 up to 50 seater coaches, along with a full range of minibuses and small coach sizes in the middle.

Accommodation options

The accommodation is tailored to the requirements of your party. we have access to the full range of of Islands accommodation, from hostels for young groups,B&Bs and homestays, 3*, 4* & 5* hotels to luxury manor houses and castles.

Let us quote your tour:

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Why you should let Agri Tours quote for your trip

Agricultural Expertise

Agri Tours Ireland is run by David O'Gorman, who has a BSc in Agriculture from University College Dublin. His previous positions included lecturing in horticulture and working for the government's agricultural advisory service.

You will not find a more knowledgeable or more dedicated team for Farm Tours in Ireland.

Unmatched Contacts

Having the right contacts in Ireland agricultural sector is key to providing the very best in Agro Tourism. We have been trading since 1989, and in all those years have built up the industries best range of contacts across every sector of the agricultural industry in Ireland.

No matter what your area of specialist interest we have unique access to businesses to provide the ideal visits. Let us quote your tour.

Unbeatable Value

As part of the Discover Ireland tours group, we command unrivalled buying power with all the aspects of your tour giving you the very best in value. From budget friendly accommodation the students to five-star luxury, you will find our prices highly competitive at all market levels. Our ability to provide value in all the tours we do is one of the reasons we are the market leaders in agri-tourism.

Truly Dedicated Service

Our team are here to give you perfect Irish tour experience. Every tour we produce is unique and fully customised to your group's needs. Our tour planning starts with a blank piece of paper and a chat with you, and I expect team will work with you to create the perfect itinerary.

More About Agri Tours Ireland

Farm Tour Types

We offer a whole range of farm tour types, from horticultural study tours for students to multi segment farm and sightseeing tours. All our tours are unique, fully customised to the needs of your group. Please take the information below just as a start point to help get your ideas flowing. When it comes to planning your tour we can provide any tour you would like, so please just get in touch and let us quote for your tour.

A visit to one of Ireland's beef farms
A student group on one of our Aquaculture tours of Ireland

Designed Around Your Interests

Your itinerary will be designed entirely around the needs and interests of your group.

Multi Discipline Tours

We can arrange farm Tours of Ireland to cover a wide range of industrial segments. Do let us know the different disciplines that interest your group and we can suggest visits to cover the range of industries they would like to experience.

Highly Specialist Tours

Our unrivalled range of agricultural contacts means we can provide highly specialist tours. If you would like your time in Ireland to focus entirely on one or a few segments, we can design an itinerary to give you the best insider experiences of Irish agricultural practices in your field.

Agricultural, Horticultural & Aquaculture

Below is a list of some of our specialist areas, but it is by no means an exhaustive list so no matter what your specialism just get in touch to let us provide a quote for your tour.

Informative Tours for AgriBusiness Leaders

We our highly experienced in providing tours for farm business leaders, who are coming to Ireland to meet and share ideas with Ireland's leading agri-businesses.

We can arrange visits some of Ireland's most cutting-edge farms, where you can discuss the latest techniques and how leading Irish farming businesses are taking farming into the 21st-century.

You can also see first-hand how downstream added-value is an integral part of the Irish agricultural industry and how such a small nation has become such a major player in world agricultural exports.

Education & Study Tours

We offer agricultural study tours and educational tours across all of Ireland's farming sectors.

Ireland is a major agricultural exporter and its agricultural industry is one of the most innovative in the world. From yield levels to downstream increase in value to efficiency techniques, let us know your interest area and we will use our unique range of contacts to provide the most informative and educational visits for your group.

Student and University Groups

We can provide itineraries and accommodation that match both the needs and the budgets of university and student groups. Be it a multidiscipline tour, or an educational tour focused in on one particular sector, we can arrange everything for your educational tour in Ireland.

Experiencing Ireland

Combining Sightseeing Attractions with AgroTourism visits

Kilkenny Castle in the heart of the Ancient City of Kilkenny once inhabited by the Vikings
The Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland is well worth a diversion for....

Whilst you are here...

No visit to Ireland is complete without taking the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere of Irish City and Country life. With our years of experience we have honed our tours to ensure you see the best of real Ireland while you are here.

Amongst the Farms and Forests of Ireland, there are Ancient Stones and Crosses, Magnificent Castles and Monasteries; the sheep graze along mountain trails and the farmer enjoys live music and a pint in the local pub. Agri Tours are happy to provide these authentic Irish experiences while you visiting Irish Farms.

Your Tour Your Way

Just let us know the perfect balance for your tour and we will create a unique itinerary to match. Some groups would just like a few pointers for a great Irish pub to enjoy a drink at the end of the day, and other groups would like a much larger bias on the sightseeing aspects, spending a significant part of their time experiencing all of Ireland's magnificent history and culture.

As part of the Discover Ireland tours group, our knowledge extends far beyond the agricultural sectors of Ireland. So if you would also like to discover some of Ireland's history, experience its vibrant culture and get amongst its friendly people, we would be only too happy to incorporate these aspects into your Irish Tour.

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