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Irish Cows
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We are Agri Tours. Ireland's experts in Agricultural, Horticultural, and Agribusiness Tours since 1989.

We cater for all types of agritourism expeditions into Ireland, whether you are a student group, professional, governmental or regulatory body, or a family business. Agri Tours provide Irish farm tours showcasing the practices of the most technically competent, the most successful, sustainable and specialised farmers and agricultural workers in Ireland

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  • Years of professional and academic experience in Agriculture
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Why Tour Irish Farms?

The Irish Difference

Ireland's fertile soil, ample rainfall and temperate climate is perfect for growing ryegrass, with Ireland's grass said to be the best in the world. Ryegrass is used as inexpensive feed primarily for beef and dairy farming. Around 80% of the land is for pasture, silage and hay, the remainder used for growing crops and rough grazing.

A modern, sustainable and profitable industry has emerged to take advantage of this, with all areas of agriculture and food development in Ireland following suit. Agricultural tours of Ireland allow you to see what makes the best beef, the best dairy products, the highest wheat yields, the fastest racehorses, and the fastest growing conifers.

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While you are here...

...Enjoy the Iconic sights of Ireland

No visit to Ireland is complete without taking the opportunity to soak in the atmosphere of Irish City and Country life. With our years of experience we have honed our tours to ensure you see the best of real Ireland while you are here.

Amongst the Farms and Forests of Ireland, there are Ancient Stones and Crosses, Magnificent Castles and Monasteries; the sheep graze along mountain trails and the farmer enjoys live music and a pint in the local pub. Agri Tours are happy to provide these authentic Irish experiences while you visiting Irish Farms.

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Our small family run business is here to help. Every booking with Agri Tours is looked after individually with care. One of our team will work with you to manage and plan every detail of your Irish Farm Tour, and you can speak to that same person each and every time you contact us.

Always Glad to Help

We take pride in accommodating any request asked of us - Agri Tours wants to know if you are visiting to focus completely on agribusiness and farming technology, or if you would also like other experiences in Ireland. As a part of Discover Ireland Tours, we can ensure your farm tour is informative, with the value that comes with being part of a larger family, and the option to experience the iconic sights of Ireland while you are here. Call us and chat, we'd love to share our passion for this magical country.

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